A Square a Day in May!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and wanting to get involved or follow along!

Here is the space where you can add your pictures of your finished blanket!
If your just getting started, you can find out more information below...

So, here is the plan. I've decide to make a granny square a day for the month of May (it rhymes nicely, doesn't it?) and then share it with all of you! But I started thinking that others may want to crochet along with me and with a little organizing before hand we could make an event out of it.

First, I've created a button for you to put on your own blog and let the world know that your squaring along with me.

And join the Facebook  and Ravelry groups I've created

Now, here is the list of the squares we are going to make everyday, including links to where you can find them (you're going to need a Ravelry Account to access them). I think the goal is to make 30 squares over the course of the month and start attaching them on the 31st of May. That said, if for some reason you can't make a square one day, make two the next day. Or, if you know your going to be really busy one week, make a few extra the weekend before. No pressure! We all have busy lives and crafting should be fun not stressful! Heck, if you want to start early, I see no problem with that, as long as you are waiting until the allotted day to post the pictures. I want this to be fun, not crazy!

Here's the list:
(As I post for each day, I will be linking to the date below, so you can find each days post easier!)

May 1: Amethyst Square

May 2: Kata

May 3: Maggies Square

May 4: Blooming Granny

May 5: Starfire

May 6: Victorian Dream Square

May 7: Purple Passion Heart

May 8: On the Huh

May 9: Falling Star

May 10: Framed Flower

May 11: Flowery Square

May 12: Grandma's Heart Square

May 13: Multi Colour Flower

May 14: Violet Crochet Square

May 15: More V's Please

May 16: Alter Ego Crochet Square

May 17: Lemony Lime

May 18: Starburst Flower

May 19: Ladybug Square

May 20: Eye of the Beholder

May 21: Georges Granny

May 22: Impossible Hexagon

May 23: Versailles

May 24: Bright and Cheery Square

May 25: Birthday Flower

May 26: Blooming Lace

May 27: Granny's More Complex Star

May 28: Peace Sign Granny Square

May 29: Yarn Clouds!

May 30: Kaleidoscope Blossom

May 31: Start Joining!!! Here's the link to the method I'm going to be using to join my squares! Please check it out

Here is a button for anyone who's patterns we are going to be making, feel free to link back to the CAL!

Lastly, LINK!

I'm going to set up linking parties for every day so you can show the world what you're making along with one giant linking party at the end to show off your finished work. Also, if you wouldn't mind linking below, so we can find each other, that would be great!

Here is a new lastly....Adaiha's Granny Square Tutorials!

-To find out how to adjust the size of your square, click here!

-To get more information on the basics of the granny square, click here!

-To check out how to join any size granny squares with ease, click here

I will continue to add her tutorials, but you should check out her blog...it rocks!


  1. I featured you on my blog: WouldYouLikeYarnWithThat.blogspot.com! I love this idea! I've already started! Hehe.
    Be sure to stop by!

  2. What a neat idea. If life goes OK, I'll give it a shot.

  3. Ruth, I want this to be fun and flexible for others....if you want to start early or late, go ahead! I am planning to keep this page up for a long time, so take your time making it if you need too!
    I'm just glad people are interested!

  4. This looks like fun. I have joined the group over and Ravelry and put a post up on my blog. I am planing to start in May but I may not hold out that long.

  5. I'm excited-this is my first crochet-along. I joined on FaceBook and Ravelry but I don't have a blog, so I hope that's okay. Looking forward to it!

  6. I'm super excited I clicked this link on another blog. I can get through some extra yarn! Thanks.

  7. I'm looking forward to this project. I'm new to crochet, and have yet to make my first pieced together afghan. I can't wait to get started!

  8. love the idea!
    I might just have to join!

  9. I am very excited to join in on this projects. The squares selected are so fabulous.

  10. Thanks for getting involved everyone!
    I'm really excited about this project to and I'm glad to see other are joining in!
    Looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations in May!

  11. Im going to get involved in this! I will post a blog post next week ^_^

  12. May 7 Purple Passion is not a 12 inch square so I guess we should just keep going around in dc until it is the correct size. I only brought this up because I didn't want people to do this square and think they've done something wrong when it doesn't come out the size of the rest.

  13. This is such a fantastic idea!!! I can't wait! (I'll probably start a little early seeing as I'm due the first week of June...But I'll wait to post on the right days!)

    I'm also going to do a feature about this on my blog next Friday in conjunction with my giveaway! I'll send you the link when it's up!!

    ~ Sarah

  14. cool, thanks sarah! i love your blog and visit it religiously!

  15. I am excited about this project. I finished a few squares and looking forward to starting a new one today.. Happy Crocheting!!

  16. Hello Melissa! :)

    I'm new to blogging and am still trying to find my way around all the knick-knacks of blogger...

    I'd love to join in on the crochet along and it's definitely my first one! :)

    Can you please enlighten me as to how I add your button onto my blogger page?

    Katie xxx

  17. What a great idea! I'm so excited!

  18. I am so in! I've been thinking about doing this in May after seeing Granny-a-Day's lovely squares. I know I can't take on a whole year, but a month? A month I think I can handle! May 1st here I come! Thanks so much for organizing!!

  19. cool...thanks for getting involved!

  20. This is going to make me open a ravelry account! Going to check into it and hopefully join along.

  21. How would I post pics of my squares?? I visited the Ravelry's page but could not find a tab to post pictures. I am new to Ravelry... Thanks.

  22. I love it, I have posted on my blog and love the idea as I am loving granny squares at the mo! So entered, linked and keeping an eye on the build up, thanks Melissa! <3

  23. I will be setting up linking parties for each day that you can add your pictures to. This will allow you to look at everyone squares. As far as I know you don't need a blog to do this...anyone can add to a linking party...correct me if I'm wrong, please!

    If you want to post on the ravelry page you just need to add your picture to the group from the project page! Here is the link that explains how to do it....

    Please, please, please make sure that you not only post your pictures on your blog and link them to my blog but that you also attach them to the pattern through ravelry and check out the blogs of the lovely people who wrote the pattern! This will let them know how much we love them and their beautiful patterns!

  24. I only wish I had a blog to add you to LOL! This is a really fabulous idea and cant's wait to start (though I've missed a few days and will have to crochet like a madwoman to catch up LOL!

  25. Now I wish I could edit a comment I've already made. I now have a blog and have added your link to it! Yay!

  26. I checked out some of the squares. The plan is to put all the different squares together at the end?
    I would be starting very late, but I see this as a great way to us up my yarn stash.
    I hope to hear from you soon, and in the meantime I'm putting this in to favorites to come back to.
    I'm very busy this month with other projects, including all the things I am making for my daughter's baby that is due soon.

  27. Hello!!! I love so much this idea but its very difficult to me learn to make the squares. Do you know how I have the graphics? Thanks so much for answer me. Kisses from Argentina.

  28. I've come into this late, but I'll catch up! How awesome. :)

  29. I love these. I just taught myself to crochet last weekend and was searching for a project when I stumbled across your site. So newbie question...how many skeins of yarn should I buy to complete all the squares?

  30. I'm a bit late to the party. I can't participate. Just wanted to say thanks for choosing 2 of my patterns (May 20 & 21) for your project.

  31. What a wonderful idea! And I just found your blog today... in June...

  32. Hello, I am part of a group of 7 who crochet together - as a bonding project last year we crocheted and swapped 16 squares to make an afghan and met together at Christmas to show them to each other. We would like another project to do this year(2012) and wondered if the A Square a Day in May was one we could attempt. Do you have any other suggestion. Great site - love it!!

  33. I've already challenged myself to 365 squares in a year (started sometime in February). But, I never joined a group...I think this will be so much fun!

  34. And then I noticed...it was last year. Sigh.

  35. How can i become all the patterns of the granny's a day, because i want to make such a blanket to.
    greetings patriciA

  36. We are going to do this with our craft group in March. Only no where near as organised as you! You say everything exactly how I want to say it so, I hope you don't mind, I have quoted part of your blog in my recruitment blurb. It is, literally, in "" and a link to this page. Well done for doing this. Fabulous.


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