Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1: Amethyst Square!

Wow, I can't believe the day has arrived! I am so excited to show off my first square and see all the beautiful work everyone is doing.....

Because I just can't she is!

This is the Amethyst Square by Donna!

This pattern was really fun and fast to make and I would totally make it again!

Remember to link your squares both here (below) and on the Ravelry page!

Can't wait to see all your lovely squares,


  1. Love your color choices they give the square such character. It came out so nice and was a great square to work.

  2. thanks! will you be sharing a square today?

  3. OOps Melissa, I posted the wrong square. I got them mixed up. Is there any way you can delete the wrong one?

  4. good question...i don't know....but i will look into it!

  5. Sorry about that. I guess I got my photos out of order.

  6. Shoot, I posted mine twice accidentally-the first time it said my photo was too big, so I didn't check to see if it worked. If you can delete, the first one can go. Sorry Melissa! :(

  7. Your first square came out great, Melissa! I really love the patterns you've picked for us! :)

  8. I am a little late, but playing catch up. With two squares a day, I will be just in time :)
    Love your idea!

  9. I'm getting started really late but I finally had time to go buy yarn and do the first square. Great choice, I think it turned out really pretty.


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