Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 26: Blooming Lace!

Good morning!

So I had a panic attack last night when I couldn't find the picture for today's square...then I thought that maybe I just didn't make today's square and I panicked all over again. I tried to be really organized with this CAL, keeping all the squares in the right order and take all the pictures at one time (except for the last few that I needed to make...and still haven't finished. Lucky for me, the square was created but not photographed until this morning, when it was already on attached to the blanket. Kade took this opportunity to also have a photo shoot with blanket so you can see how much is done...

Blooming Lace by Melinda!

This was a fun and simple project that I don't think I had any problems with. All of Melinda patterns that I've made have been really good and easy to follow!

Here or some pictures of Kade and the blanket! I have 5 more squares to attach (2 of which I still need to make) and then do a boarder!


  1. Lookin' good, Melissa!!! I really want to start putting my blanket together, but I can't decide what color to use to border all my squares! I'm going to pick it out this weekend for sure. :)

  2. can't wait to see it! i love the method you is fast and easy! i can't wait for this to be done, i want to use it on my bed!

  3. Your blanket is really great, Melissa! Beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting this CAL! I've found it stretching my pattern reading boundaries and teaching me all sorts of things about my crochet likes/dislikes with squares and patterns and types of yarns, too. ;-)

  4. looks great melissa!

  5. Crochet with RaymondMay 31, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    what fun to have a good look at all these amanzing squares!!! they're awesome and how cool is this CAL!!

    Looking forward to seeing the ultimatre ta-da!!!


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