Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 18: Starburst Flower

Hello Hello Hello!

It would seem that the blast of stuff I gave myself yesterday has kept my cold at bay and I am so grateful for that!

Today the ice cream shop in town opens up so Kade and I will be heading over there this afternoon. We are not about treats in our family and do not keep ice cream in the house but there is nothing like the first cone of the season!

Moving right along,

This is Starburst Flower by Donna!

I love how logical Donna's patterns are and how they seem to always turn out how they are suppose to!

Kade, my 4.5 year old, picked the colors for his square and I think they sum him up perfectly. That kid is bright and sunny and seems to be always shining!

Have fun with this one,


  1. This looks like so much fun! Unfortunately may is already well on it's way and is very busy for me, but I'll definitely give one or two squares a try. Good luck to all trying to reach the 30 squares! Floortje

  2. Thanks for picking this lovely square . I think yours came out great.


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