Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 22: Imposible Hexagon!

Good morning!

We had ourselves an amazing day yesterday at my parents house. The weather was unbelievable, the food was perfect and the company great. I don't think the weather is going to be as nice today but this will be a good clean up and hang out day...oh, and crochet! I must crochet today!

Here is Impossible Hexagon by Stramenda!

I really like this pattern and I love the colors I used!

Oh, just an update, I'm pretty sure the "cold" I've been suffering from is actually allergies. I've never really had allergies before but there is so much pollen in the air right now and I'm suffering! Any suggestions?

Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. the square is pretty! I love the colors :)

    For your allergies, take a pill first thing in the morning! I started suffering from them a few years ago, they are no fun. Also, try out the neti pot, I got one a couple years ago and when I actually remember to use it, my allergies aren't so terrible.

  2. Thanks!
    I have a neti pot and love it! I've been using it every day!

  3. I'm having the same issue! I've never had any sort of allergies before, but this spring has been horrible! I've been trying to ignore it, but believe it or not, echinacea is my cure! It's been working so far! As soon as I have some symptoms, I take a couple, and I feel better in no time!


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