Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2: Kata

Good Morning!

Thanks everyone for sharing yesterday....I hope the first squares are treating you well and I want to let you know that while some of the squares (or the size of them anyways) may be challenging, this CAL is meant to be fun!

And now....KATA!

By Penny!

This square was fast and fun to make and I would make it again in a heart beat! But, I hate the colors I used!

I am a very relaxed crocheter and not the type to go back and fix mistakes, which is on of the reasons I like crocheting better then knitting. So when I don't like something...I just keep going!

I know you all will have lovely squares to share, and I'm looking forward to seeing them!



  1. I like your color selections. The dark accents the center. Very nice square indeed.

  2. I really liked making up this square as well. The way those petals are formed is new to me and very intriguing.

    I am REALLY enjoying the CAL!

  3. glad to hear your enjoying yourself!

  4. Yeah - I did them out of date! LOL Now I'm labeling all the patterns with the correct date! ;-)

  5. I accidentally linked the wrong thumbnail to day 2. No biggie, but if you can delete it, I will repost with the right one. Thanks, I'm having so much fun with this CAL!

  6. all has been made right! thanks for letting me know!

  7. I loved making this square, too! Melissa, thanks so much for organizing this crochet along! :)

  8. I reposted the wrong square too!:( If delete it I will get moving on posting the right one!


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