Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 8: On The Huh

Happy Mother's Day!

We are not big celebrators in our family but we do know how to sleep in, something that rarely happens since we had our son! So this morning my love got up at 6am to let me sleep in and I just got 9am!!!! What a lovely mother's day gift!

But I must get on with the day! We have friends from the city coming over and dinner with my mother in law to prepare for...and a square to here it is!

On The Huh by Jacqui!

I thought this pattern would be a lot harder then it was! It was fast to make and fun! So fun! I will make this one again for sure!

Take care everyone, and have a great day!


  1. This is such a great square. I learned so much. Yours looks great!

  2. I need to thank you for hosting this event. I am totally enjoying it.

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors you used.

  4. Love it. I got behind with my sister's wedding this weekend, but I'm anxious to try this one tomorrow on the long drive home.

  5. Love it, Melissa! This was a super fun one!

  6. I'm not linking up my square for today...since I used a different patter and all...but I'll paste the link here anyway!

    I'm really loving all the variety in these though!!


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