Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Handmade Dog Collar!

We have a pretty little pouch at home, named Scout, that we love to death. She is really sweet, really well behaved and fits really well into our family....except, she make so much noise!

It's not her, exactly, it is the tags that dangle from her collar. She is almost 3 now but sometimes she bolts over to the neighbors to visit her husband, Cooper. And I'm always afraid that she will just keep going. She is micro chipped but she always has her collar on with our number on the tag.
Scout (left) and Cooper (right) on their wedding day.
Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine who has a sewing business and asked her if she has ever embroidered dog collars. She told me she has thought about it but had never done it...then, her dog got skunked! There is no better reason to try making a dog collar then your dog being stinky.

I was so excited when she messaged me to let me know that she is now making dog collars! Below is the one she made for Scout. I got to pick the color of the collar and the stitching! Not only does it have her name on it but it also has our phone number, so if she does get lost, it will be easy for people to get in touch with us. I am so happy with it. 

If you want your own collar for your dog, get in touch with Christine! Not only does she make great dog stuff she also makes Sensory Gear for special need kids and adults. Find her website here and her Facebook page here.

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