Saturday, April 16, 2011

Square sizes!

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to make squares!

When I was picking the squares for us to make I thought I picked squares that were 12 inch but as I've been working my way through the patterns I've realized that some of the squares on the list work up smaller then I expected.

Adaiha, at 'things to make and do' will be doing a blog post about how to make 6 or 8 inch squares into 12 inch ones but if you're working your way through the square early (as I am) just continue with the pattern until your square reaches 12 inch.

Hope this helps....


  1. We're moving in a couple of weeks so I decided to have a head start and noticed that the 2nd square was smaller when I finished it yesterday, I panicked for a moment and then just carried on
    I must've known what you were going to say :-)


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