Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spread the Word!

Hi Everyone,

I'm glad to say that Melinda over at MoCrochet has featured The Square A Day In May on her Blog!

Melinda's blog is great and her patterns are beautiful! They are fun and interesting and challenging, everything I like in a square. I didn't even realize but we will be making 6 of her squares in May (I'm working on Falling Star right now!)

Here is the link to her blog !

You may be wondering how I picked the squares we will be making, and the answer is really very simple....I picked patterns that looked fun and pretty! I did a search on Ravelry for 12 inch squares and then picked the ones that jumped out at me. I tried to put ones that looked harder between squares that looked simpler but I didn't really know. Some of the squares that looked hard turned out simple and vise verse.

I hope you enjoy exploring Melinda's blog and have fun crocheting her squares!


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