Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

Today is crazy hair day at Kade's school so we decided to do something a little wild!


I know some mom's may think I'm crazy for letting my little boy do this (I did it really) so I feel like I need to explain my excitement!

When we found out we were pregnant, my love was convinced we were having a girl. So we thought about girl names and girl clothes and girls hair and I feel in love with the idea of having a baby girl to craft for and enjoy! So when the doctor told us we were having a boy I was a little disappointed.

I tried to be positive but really I sulked for a few days...until I saw a little boy at the mall about the age Kade is now with the coolest mohawk and I realize that boys can be really fun too! I have been waiting for the day when my little guy could sport the mohawk with pride and I'm glowing because that day has arrived....And he loves it too!

Enjoy the photos!


  1. mohawks are fun! we haven't done an actual one with our son yet but when we get his hair cut at the kids place, we get them to spike the center up and get it colored a fun color.

    I was sad when I found out I was having a boy too and my sister recently found out she's pregnant with a boy, she cried for days! lol. I think boys are super fun now though

  2. It looks great on him. Kade looks so happy! :-D

  3. Oh, I love it! Don't let anyone tell you it is crazy. It's only hair!! :)


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