Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Hookers Best Friend!

So, I've spent the last month working on squares to display throughout the month of May and I've become attached to the hook that has seen me through this unique experiences.

This hook really isn't's a simple size 5.5 hook that I can't even remember buying but I feel like this hook and I have bonded in a way I never had with a hook before. This blanket is by far the biggest project I've worked on and it isn't even close to being done but before I start posting my squares and forget about my she is, for the world to see....

I just decide, while I was waiting for my picture to load, to do my first linking party! Take a picture of hook you are using or are going to be using to make your squares for this CAL and post it here...This may be silly, but I love silly!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me,


  1. New follower and Im loving the idea of this! No picture of my hook yet though.

  2. thanks for coming a long for the ride!


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