Monday, March 7, 2011

The Weekend is Over.....

....and we had many adventures!

Kade had a wonderful time at the birthday party, I finished the tutorial I was working on (almost) and the socks are done! Thank goodness those socks are done...I took pictures but lost them. I will take new ones again soon!

While at my mother in laws last night she found freezer paper in her basement for me, which was super excited, and soon, very soon, I will start making stencils! I'm planning to make t-shirts as christmas gifts this year, so I want to practice!

Speaking of christmas (the stash busting time of year for me)I've decide to start making presents really early this year in a hope that my stash will be seriously busted! It is getting out of control again I've made a silent vow to stop buying yarn for the next few months.

I have also become very inspired by the lovely lady at Things To Make and Do, who has been making granny squares for months and is not attaching them all. I am thinking of doing a month of granny squares and then putting them together....That would be a great way to bust my stash.

Okay, I must head to work but wanted to share a plant update.
I took the first picture of our hyacinth 2 days ago and the second one just this morning....lovely right!

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