Monday, September 5, 2011

Child led parenting....

I am by no means a parenting expert. I have one often amazing, mostly crazy, spirited child who challenges daily, not just to be a better parent but a better person. Mostly I feel I fail as a parent except for those beautiful moments when things fall into place. Sometimes it's a little body holding open a door or a well placed thank you but sometimes it's something big.

We are in one of those big moments right now. My 5 year has decided he is ready to go over night without a diaper! When I potty trained him 2.5 years ago to prepare him for school he decided he wasn't ready to go over night without a diaper. I practice many different kinds of parenting but I try my best to allow my son to lead me in the right direction. I feel that it is really important for him to feel comfortable in our home and in himself and try my best to listen to his instincts as well as my own.  So when he proclaimed he wasn't ready, I let it slide.

Many have told me this was a big mistake! When you potty train you must get it all over with! Letting him keep a diaper at night would mean I would be buying him diapers to take away with him to collage! Codswallop, if you ask me. I knew a day would come when he would develop the same instincts we all have to hold it until morning and that day has finally come.

It started about a month ago when, for several nights in a row, he hadn't peed in his pull up! We were all very excited but we still had half a pack of pull ups left and we had several nights away from home, so we decided to wait until the end of the summer to go diaperless over night. Well, in my part of the world, it is the end of summer and last night we used the last of our pull up supply, which means....tonights the night!

As you can probably tell, I'm very excited! But mostly I'm proud. Proud of my little boy who is brave enough to stand up to me and tell me how he feels. And proud of myself for actually listening! It is so easy to brush our children aside and not listen to what they are telling us, we are all busy and they talk so much! But sometimes, things work out and our little people grow before our eyes!

 Much love,

Ps. I promise to post pictures tomorrow of this weekends projects and yarn finds!

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  1. Hi there!! Congrats to your kids did their own thing when it came to bed and the need for the diaper..who wants to change bed sheets everyday..not I..well my kids are all grown and none of them wear a have a good one. :)


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