Friday, July 29, 2011

summer loving'

it is true, it happens so fast! summer is almost half done and i don't know where it has gone.

some days i wish i had gone to teachers college so i could have my summers off to hang out with kade (my friends just tell me to get pregnant again!) but that is not the case, and while i love my job, i miss being home to play and go to the park. kade is lucky to have his dad home with him this summer and while i know this is a great way for them to bond, i'm also a little jealous about how close they have become. he will always be a mama's boy, right?

next weekend is kade's birthday and the potato festival in alliston, so i'm looking forward to some celebration! then i have a few days off to hang out and have fun. we have friends and family coming home next weekend, which should be great, too!

anyways, i've been working hard on my top secret project that i don't think i will get done on time but we've been doing a lot of other fun stuff too. birthday parties, pool goodness, and a little bit of baby crocheting!

here are a few pictures of a commissioned baby blanket i just finished....

look how cute the little tiny loafers are! i really hope they fit!

And now for some other summer goodness....
kade taking a mid-afternoon nap, his legs are getting so long!

alex and kade a birthday party this past boys are so hansom!

yummy home grown strawberries...we have been eating them like crazy!

nap close up! look at the little sweaty face!

hope you are enjoying your summer and getting lots of crafting and napping done!
much love, melissa


  1. So cute...all they way around! Happy summer!!

  2. Wow...the blanket set is adorable! Hope I get to try some backyard strawberries this Saturday. :-D That...and of course, pie. :-P


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