Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on a mission...

i must make 3 squares a day for the next 14 days if there is any hope in finishing this thing....bye bye white wine!


  1. you can do it!!! with or without the wine!

  2. Melissa -- I have someone who contacted me via email about getting the patterns for your Square a Day thing (she can't download any of the patterns from her computer because of some security issues) but she soooooooo wants to make/access the patterns all of the granny squares & can't figure out how??? (And I asked and yes, she's a member of Ravelry, but because of reason stated above, her computer won't allow or display any of the patterns.)

    Any ideas?

  3. P.S. And yes, I have faith that you CAN get your blocks done also! *grin*

  4. Hello Melissa!
    Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you won my giveaway! Be sure to stop by and claim your prize! :)
    Have a great day!
    Grace Ann


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