Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warm socks for cold feet!

If you live in Southern Ontario like I do (Alliston, what what) you know we are expecting heaps of snow tonight and tomorrow! The last time we had such snow, everything in town came to a halt and I spent 2 days crocheting christmas presents.

So I couldn't have asked for a better day to receive a package full of lovely fingerling yarn from Knit Picks. This online knitting supply store is amazing! They have everything you could ever ask for and at really great prices. Not only that but they ship to Canada, which is a big bonus!

My mother in law asked me to make her a pair of wool socks because her other socks are bothering her feet. When we couldn't find all wool fingerling yarn in any of the big boxes in our area we decided to head online and found just what we needed at Knit Picks. We decided to go with Palette brand and she picked Delta colour for her first ever hand made socks!

The only snag....She would like them knit :( There is nothing wrong with knit socks, actually they are very lovely but I haven't knit in at least 2 years, maybe more and I while I still know how to do it, I don't like it. I have fallen in love with crocheting and would prefer to do it over knitting any day but you can't deny the beauty and class of a hand made pair of socks.

It took a long while but I've finally settled on a pattern (it can be found here) This pattern has good reviews and seems to make really nice socks. I'm going to be making the basic ones this time and may move up to something grander later. I will be using a set of 2mm double pointed needles which are sure to be "fun".

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that for my efforts, my lovely mother in law bought me so wool of my very own. I am very excited about it but won't be sharing that wool and project for awhile...sorry to keep you waiting (only kinda!)

Here are so pictures of the yarn for your enjoyment (and envy) and of course my little boy got in there too. Can't wait to share with you this project as it unfolds!

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