Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Bliss!

I had the most wonderful birthday!

Alex and I slept in (Kade was a the grandparents place), we went out for breakfast, and I got to talk to my brother, twice. Then I sat on the couch and crocheted for a few hours before we headed to my mother in laws for a wonderful dinner made by my brother in law. Thanks everyone over on Facebook for your birthday wishes!

Here are some pictures from my lovely day....

White and dark chocolate covered lovely!

Kade enjoying said raspberries! (Kade called me 'birthday girl' every chance he could today!)

Birthday dinner (care of Nick). Bacon wrapped chicken, steamed veggies, boiled potatoes and stuffing filled butternut squash! So good!

Birthday cards and a nice handmade gift from my good friend Sam (check out her blog). Also, check out our orchids, they are doing so well!

Ice cream birthday cake! So good but way to much dairy for me.

Some birthday gifts. Yummy Godiva chocolate from Nick and Cindy and Bamboo yarn from Marianne!

Last but not least, a birthday napkin that my mom has had since I was a baby. On the back of these napkins is the year that they were printed....1983, the same year I was born. Happy 28th Birthday Napkin! It's been a good one!


  1. Wow...the post is up already! We just got home now. :-P

    Happy Birthday again Mel! I hope you had fun, and it's going to be a great year.

    28 is my favorite number. :-) It's quite a lucky number in Chinese.

  2. Hey Birthday Girl,

    Everything looks so beautiful, I love the yarn, any ideas yet with what they are going to turn into? I have the cross stitch thread that matches the blue lol. And I am totally jealous of the napkin.

  3. 28 feels good so far Cindy! Thanks for making it so wonderful.

    Sam, I think I'm going to crochet a hood from that yarn. I have a couple of other projects I need to finish before I can working on it. When is your birthday Sam?


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