Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And they grow and they grow!

Recently Kade found the Sea Monkey's he got for christmas and the boys in my life decided they would set it up and get it going. To be honest, I had no idea what a Sea Monkey was and kinda wish I didn't know what they are! We've had them for about a week and they are just now becoming visible. I will try, when they get a bit bigger, to snap a picture of them. For now enjoy the pictures of my loves!

Alex discovered that if you hold a solid piece of paper behind the tank, you could see them better.

"These are Kade's Sea Monkey's" a direct quote from Kade!


  1. Ah over sized brine shrimp. I use to keep about 6 four gallon tanks full of normal sized brine shrimp in different stages of growth as they were really great food for newly hatched baby fish. :-)

  2. Gross! I am not loving the sea monkeys but kade is....!


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