Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Because I needed to share....

Just found the photo's I took on my phone of the hat, mits, and scarf set I made for Holly for her birthday.

I asked Holly what I should make her for her birthday, what she needed. I hate making things for people that they will never use (yes, I know I am writing this in the post right after my post about doilies, the most useless things I've ever made) but I like people to get something from me that they will really use!

She told me she needed mittens, so what do I do, I make her a scarf. I used the pattern for the Love Scarf, and it turned out lovely, if not a little too short. Then I thought, this pattern would make a great hat. And within a couple of hours, there was a set. But I still needed to make mittens and I wanted them to match...my mom told me that matching is really in this season not that I ever match.

I couldn't decide how to do the mittens. I was thinking I would make fingerless gloves and work the pattern back and forth until it would fit around her wrist but Holly didn't want fingerless loves. Then I found this really great pattern for gloves that I wanted to test for Becky and decide to make a brown pair Holly.

When I had worked the main part of the mittens and added the thumb, the wrist just came to me. I was able to use the same pattern as the scarf around the wrists, everything coming together.

It is hard to make something for some one when they are far away but I am told that they are well loved! As is Holly!



  1. Thanks Cindy, I wish I could take go photographs like you and Nick take!


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