Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Gift Making!

I have been totally MIA on my blog as of late and I'm afraid it may stay this way for awhile.

Life is busy at work, Kade is busy at home and top it off I'm going to be starting a Yoga Teacher my crochet and blogging time is going to be nil, I'm afraid.

But there are Christmas gifts to be made and while the list isn't too long this year I have to get on it! So this weekend is devoted to making hand size evergreen trees that will be strung together to make buntings. 40 in total! I have some very dear ones who live far far away and I want to get their packages in the mail as soon as I I need to crochet like a crazy lady!

Last night I was able to make 8 of them and I'm hoping to get about 20 done today! Don't worry, there will be pictures but if your interested in making trees too here is the link to the blog where they can be found! Fun blog and great pattern! Have it memorized now, so I'm just going to keep going with it!

Have a great sunday!

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