Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day Camping!

My crocheting has been top secret these days, so I haven't go any crafty pictures for you but I thought I would share some photos for our camping trip this past weekend! I had planned to get lots of crocheting done and got none but we had a great time and Kade loved it, so that's what really matters.

One of my co-workers has a beautiful property up in Bancroft, Ont. I've never really gone camping before, not as an adult anyways, and really didn't know what to expect! I grew up in the suburbs and I'm not used to sleeping in a tent or cooking my food on a fire but I know it is important to expose Kade to the great outdoors.

The drive was long but totally worth it. The property was amazing, the food was great and the company was fantastic! Here are just a few pictures....

The view from the swimming hole.

Kade wading in the pond.

A tree split in half by what we thought was a tornado! There were several big trees completely up rooted and laying on the path to the pond. Alex was excited to try out his new chain saw and cleared the path quickly!

Kade being cute! He wouldn't let me out of his sight while we went for a hike!

Kade and Alex after swimming...the water was cold but we need to clean off all of the bug spray and sunscreen of the day before!

The little beach we were swimming at!


  1. What a heavenly spot...it looks so much like the adirondacks in n.y. Making memories for your little guy!!!

  2. Oh my gosh those nature pics look lovely! I'm absolutely jealous, but my parents just moved to Canada (from the Netherlands) so I might have a chance of one day making wonderful pics myself! And of course crocheting in the woods! ;-) I was happy to see you at lillygetscrafty, and I'm enjoying your blog! See you around!

  3. It looks amazing! Except for when you were telling me about the mosquitoes.


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