Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Underwater Kade!

This weekend we went to the Big City to visit my brother in law,Nick, and my soon to be sister in law, Cindy! We had so much fun.

Kade was super excited to go up to the top of the CN Tower with Nick. It was a cloudy day but they had a lot of fun. While they were off exploring, Cindy and I shopped for a few hours....well mostly window shopped!

In the afternoon, Nick and Alex took Kade swimming in the salt water pool in Nick's building. Kade loves swimming and is lucky to have his Grandma to teach him. He is getting really are some of the pictures Nick took....

As you can tell, Nick is much better with a camera then me!

While the boys were swimming, Cindy and I were napping upstairs. We had to get ready for an amazing dinner! They took us out for Chinese food, much better then anything you could find in little old Alliston, and we ate, A LOT!

Thanks Nick and Cindy for a great day!

PS...I was also able to finish my first christmas shawl on my way down there in the car!


  1. Sounds like you all had a fab time!!

    Kade looks like a real water baby!!

    S x

  2. It was a really fun day! I really needed the nap, the start of the Ultimate Frisbee season, starting to get back into the groove of flirty girl, and 4.5 hours at the dentist the day before had completely drained me. :-P

    Drop by again anytime! :-)

  3. we will take you up on that offer! we really love coming downtown and hanging out with you both!
    see you on sunday, m


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