Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Join, Join, Join!

Good Morning!

So....are you excited that today is the last day of May? I sure am!

I knew that this CAL would be fun but I didn't expect it would be so much work! Don't get me wrong, this has been really awesome and I learned so much but I'm ready to move on...to work on other blankets!

But there is one more thing we need to do to get this finished and that is join these squares together! So, here is the link to Adaiha's lovely blog and the tutorial she did just for us to show off her joining method!

I've been using her method to join my squares all month and it is fast and easy to do! Not only that, but Adaiha takes amazing pictures that you will show you all the steps you need to make a beautiful blanket!

So, I'm going to do the linking party for our finished blankets at the top of the "Square a Day in May" page that can be found at the top of this blog and in this post....take your time adding your blankets...there is no need to rush...I'm going to keep this linking party open until September!

Thanks again everyone for participating, this has been the most amazing experience!


  1. Sorry, I posted this early....still valid!

  2. Melissa, thank you SO MUCH for organizing this crochet along! It has been super fun, and I know what you mean about it being a lot of work, too! I only just realized there isn't a square for today, and I'm going to find the smallest pattern I can to let myself recuperate! ;)

    Thanks again x a billion! :)

  3. Yes, thank you for this CAL, Melissa! I can't begin to tell you what a fantastic 30 day journey this has been to see 'what block comes next' and then watching them appear as our hooks fly. Kudos to you for organizing all of this & to all of the designers and their lovely blocks.

    Ah, yes....now the joining. I am super excited to do this part and I.can.not.wait.to.see.all.of.the.completed.throws.!!


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