Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 29: Yarn Clouds!

Wow, 1 day left! Can you believe that!

In my haste to get as many squares as possible on to my blanket, I put today's square with the others before snapping a picture! Silly me.

So, here is today's square....

This is Yarn Clouds by Amelia!

As you probably noticed, there is no Ravelry page for this lovely pattern so I don't really know how to share it with others! Any help anyone?

Update: There is now a Ravelry page for this pattern, the link is above! Thanks Amelia for doing that for us! Please add your pictures!

I loved making this pattern! It was easy to learn and fun to do, and the results was great.

You may recognize this yarn because it is the left overs from the baby blanket I have been work on and finished this week....I really love these colors and wanted to keep a little for myself!

Wishing you all a great Sunday,


  1. that is such a pretty square!!

  2. As of today there is now a Ravelry page for that pattern. Add photos!

  3. Sorry for the second comment! I forgot to post a link- .
    Beautiful Square!


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