Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Square a Day for the Month of May!

I've decided to make the this may a bit more interesting and instead of just finding things here and there to crochet up, I want to make one 12" granny square everyday for the month!

I've never done anything like this but I feel the need to make a fun big project that will hopefully aid in the busting of my stash!

I started thinking about all the fun squares I could make and looking forward to sharing them with others and then I started to realize that maybe other people would be interested in doing this too. With a little planning before hand, I could post a list of each square I plan to make and maybe others could make them too. And then, on the 31st we can all start attaching them! Doesn't that sound exciting?

So let the planning begin....Here's what I'm going to need to do...

1. Make a button for the event
2. Make a page on Facebook and Raverly
3. Make a list of the granny squares we will be making and provide links to them all on my blog
4. Figure out how to do a linking party, so we can link the squares we've made everyday

That is good enough for now!


  1. This sounds fun! Count me in!

  2. Cool! I got the inspiration from you! I actually just sent you an email about what the best way to join out squares would be....I've never done anything like this before but am really excited about it!


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