Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heel turned, check!

Last night, with a large glass of wine by my side, I turned the heel properly. Not one hole or mistake and it was easier then I thought! Now for the leg part...which my mother in law wants to be knee high!

Kade got his train set back yesterday morning (last Sunday was a struggle with the train set) and spent the morning making a train around our coffee table with my is a picture to prove it (along with bags of clothes to go to the The Clothes Line).

Two of our four orchid plants are ready to bloom. Several people gave us orchids when we moved into our house 2 years ago and they were lovely. We've been waiting ever since for the blooms to come back and with the help of my green thumbed partner, they have put forth buds and are getting ready to bloom again. Here they are, for the whole world to enjoy!


  1. it's probably the one thing i can't stand to knit - socks... I've only ever knit one - not even a pair... we should do a swap of something:)

    have you ever tried to crochet socks seem some patterns on Ravelry?

    how's the yarn?

  2. Way to go on keeping the orchids - I've got to work on greening up my thumb, as I've only watched them die at my house!

  3. Sue, I would love to do a swap with you! I could make something girl for Violet! Send me your address. The yarn is really nice and I should have a little left over.

    Nicole, Alex has the green thumb in our family! I kill everything too...I'm looking forward seeing our orchids do their thing.


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